Artist Designer 

Kia ora, I am a Pākehā Artist Designer, with a strong focus on typography, editorial, copywriting, dissemination and speculation, with the ability to shift my knowledge into various other medias and disciplines when needed. My work is primarily focused on ethics that are true to the moral of community, identity, the whenua and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

I am currently available for freelance work.
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Currently working at
     The Pantograph Punch

+(64) 27 805 6614

Omārōrō, Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa

2017– 2020 | First Class Honours
Bachelor of Design: Visual Communication Design
Massey University, CoCA Toi Rauwharangi

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ISTD: Numbers Brief | 2020    


Content Creation | Editorial | Typography |
Research | Copywriting

A Punch* Above The Rest is a typographical response to the 2020 ISTD Significance of Numbers brief. The brief asked individuals to reflect and respond to just how important numbers are in our day to day lives.

Boiling down to the base of all current technology is the language of binary. In a time now that feels as if ‘1’s and 0’s are floating unseen above our heads’, binary existed once in a tangible form as Punch Cards. Punch Cards are the earliest icon of the Information Age and the precursor to the Binary Code we all know today. They were a golden era of programming; the ubiquitous instalment in the worlds of data processing and popular culture. Their impact was huge but today they go unnoticed in our current zeitgeist of technology.

This is my homage to one of the most important developments in the modern age of information, technology and numbers; these little and ‘unassuming’ pieces of card.

Everything boils down to those 1’s and 0’s.
A Punch=1, No Punch=0.